Affordable Care Act Implementation Project

Project Description

The Mississippi Affordable Care Act Implementation Project (MACAIP) is designed to enable the people of Mississippi to play a larger role in coverage expansion in the state. MHAP understands that credible policy change in Mississippi is dependent on an active and informed public. The Road to Reform project is bridging the gap between the concerns of the public and the public health priorities of policy makers.

MHAP is developing a more informed and engaged public as well as strengthening community-based organizations’ ability to engage policy makers. MHAP hosted in-depth conversations with local community, civic, and business leaders to learn their thoughts and ideas on advancing sustainable health reform in Mississippi. Building on those conversations, MHAP is providing community based organizations and local leaders insights, tools and skills they can use to build the public support essential to resolving health care reform implementation issues.

Project Goals

Over the course of this project, MHAP hopes to accomplish several goals:

  • Develop an ongoing interactive dialogue between the public, community leaders, and policy makers on health care reform implementation in Mississippi.
  • Survey Mississippi communities on specific health care reform implementation issues and share the findings with those communities.
  • Build the capacity of community based and statewide consumer organizations in Mississippi to impact health reform implementation policy in Mississippi.
  • Create a self-sustaining mechanism for community and consumer involvement in the implementation of health care reform in Mississippi.

Project Reports

Implementing Health Reform: An Informed Approach from Mississippi Leaders

Fact Sheets

ACA State Fact Sheet

Press Releases

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