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“This is the single most significant economic tragedy of the decade”

"This is the single most significant economic tragedy of the decade"- Dr. Tim Alford of Kosciusko, a family physician who is a past president of the Mississippi State Medical Association.

The Governor and Legislature are blocking billions of dollars of funding to Mississippi Hospitals and keeping thousands of Mississippians uninsured.

What is Mississippi Getting Out of This Obstruction?

In Kosciusko, the only hospital in Attala County is closing its intensive care unit and laying off 38 employees- including 24 nurses. Natchez's Regional Medical Center has filed for bankruptcy. North Mississippi Health Services in Tupelo has laid off 109 employees. McComb's Southwest Mississippi Regional Medical Center fired 5 doctors. And some of the state's rural hospitals are expected to close as a result of the Governor and Legislature blocking additional Medicaid funding.

Instead of bankruptcies, shutdowns, and layoffs, these communities should be seeing an economic boon and increased health coverage.

In the Kosciusko area alone, Expanded Medicaid would create 511 new jobs. NOT LAYOFFS. It would result in $52.5 billion in new economic activity. NOT DEPARTMENT SHUTDOWNS AND BANKRUPTCIES.

The Governor and Legislature's refusal to accept additional Medicaid funding  is costing our cities and counties thousands of new jobs and economic activity.  In all, Medicaid expansion would generate 20,000 new jobs and produce $14 billion in new economic activity while providing health insurance to over 220,000 Mississippians.

MHAP's report, An Economic Analysis of the State and Local Impact of MedicaidExpansion in Mississippi, offers a look at the fiscal impact of Medicaid expansion on the state and local communities.